Research Programme

Hewson Group Lubricant  Research Programme 2017-8

The research in 2017 aims to continue the qualitative assessment approach that has proved successful in the Pilot. However, we have added further ‘scoring’ questions to get better insights into the impact of lubricant on frequency of sexual activity.  The questions also enquire into areas where there has been little research but where anecdotal evidence given to us suggests there are matters of importance to understand  such as the psychological and physical effect of ‘Wetness’.  We also want to enquire into preferences and views on different types of lubrication and different brands.

As we have set out in the Main Report there are two dimensions to the WSS research.  The first is to build on the research already carried out by Indiana and Hewson and establish the full extent of lubricant impacts. The second is to determine women’s views on how and where they want to buy lubricant and what brands they would like to see more involved in this, overtly sexual side, of their lives. There is an obvious connection between all and any proven advantages of lubricant use and the question of who brands it and who sells it. Evidence of improved sex lives or perhaps serious changes to sexual satisfaction and self-worth in older women should cause a sea-change in how these (economically powerful) consumer groups are recognised.


Obtaining a wide range of views about lubricant represents a considerable challenge.  Historically, the older woman segment has proved hard to reach for sexual research (although co-operation when reached is readily given).  The views of non-users, occasional users and substitute product users are also a complex challenge. Furthermore, on the product side we are trying to explore views about a brand and retail universe that as yet, does not really exist.

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