Analyst Notes

The research resulting from Women Sex and Shopping: Personal Lubricant 2019 is reported to clients in a number of ways:

  1. The Main Report
  2. A series of Notes covering diverse issues across Five main subject streams
  3. Telephone or face-to face advisory

The Notes are an ongoing output that may analyse direct data from Hewson’s own research (within WSS) or may be commentary on third party/literature based material. The Notes are normally 2-5 pp and are intended to be an easily accessible library of critical information.  The Subject Streams are:

Research Data and Analysis

The inflow of respondent data will increase greatly in 2019. This might be in paper, electronic or audio form.  As a priority, we need to get ongoing analysis of this to clients together with conclusions and observations that arise. It may be helpful if some of the primary material is also made available in some way – particularly audio interviews.  Confirmation/amendment of current scoring on lubricant effects. Insight into changing behaviours.

Market Developments

This Stream will cover all market developments that relate to Lubricant such as M&A, Investment and regulatory changes  -where Hewson are aware of them.  The stream also covers new entrants and changes to retail strategies including those that might have a collateral impact on Lubricant.

Female Arousal

Female Sexual Arousal is a subject of much interest and particularly in the Pharmaceutical sector.  The fact that Lubricant may prove to be an important element in Arousal is the direct focus of the Stream but we will want to look at contextual issues and how these might affect causality. What does the Hewson research as well as third party research tell us?

Future of Retail

It might be argued that sexual goods retail for women has, with occasional exceptions, actually advanced very little in the last two decades with the obvious exception of more options for anonymous purchasing via the Internet.  This raises many questions about retailing to women including the aligned areas of emotional goods such as Lingerie. The failure of many established High Street paradigms suggest that some new thinking is called for. 

Older Women  and Sexual Consumerism

Older women may have the largest disposable income of any demographic but the Lubricant market alone suggests a profound lack of customer empathy and commercial awareness. A whole raft of issues surround this segment and this Stream will attempt to identify some of these – particularly those that arise from the research.

Products, Producers and Retailers

There is a need for a clearer insight into who the lubricant producers are and what products and strategies they have. More understanding is needed on product characteristics and issues such as Water-based vs Silicon, Organic vs non -Organic etc. Who is and who should be retailing in this sector and why.