The Personal Lubricant Report 2017

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Report Content

Personal Lubricant – Report, Analysis and Client Advisory.

Product Markets that directly involve sex or rely on sexual research are comparatively rare but those that exist are of considerable importance. They present complexity of a high order whether that complexity lies with behaviours or in market infrastructures and dysfunctions. The Lubricant Market is a case in point and understanding it requires the observer to go far beyond what is presented today as the market state. It is essentially a futures market because almost all aspects we can see today are deeply flawed and in need of a supercession to a far more appropriate model.
The report considers the behavioural and attitudinal side that informs present lubricant use and is a critical factor in market development. It also considers what should be the appropriate market response and the product markets and dynamics that will be the necessary outcome.

Main Report

  • Market Background
  • What can be learnt from the growth/static state of the sex toy industry
  • Female Consumer Pragmatism
  • Previous Lubricant Research
  • Sexual Goods Market Dynamics

Research Analysis

Respondents were asked to score various questions on a 0-9 scale
  • Pleasure enhancement from using Lubricant
  • Psychological security from using Lubricant
  • Impact on frequency of Sexual Activity
  • Frequency of sexual activity
  • Respondents were asked to offer opinions on the following
  • Psychological effect of ‘wetness’ in arousal or activity
  • Psychological effect of objects or emotive brands
  • Issues surrounding the application of lubricant
  • Preferred types of lubricant

Market Development and Product Issues

NB: These are evolving issues dealt with in on-going analysis by Hewson
  • The entry of Beauty and Skincare brands and associated retail
  • The opportunities and threats for incumbents
  • The older woman market – attitudes, dangers of ignoring et al
  • Merchandising Lubricant
  • Lubricant as a Loyalty Product