Customer Onboarding   an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, attraction, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

Essentially hewson Group research looks at what we know about customer onboarding. The relatively small amount of empirical evidence available suggests that smart onboarding can have dramatic impacts on customer retention and cross-selling in the very early part of a customer relationship – maybe up to the first 90 days. Hewson work elsewhere, particularly on WSS, highlights the importance of emotion in customer management and how immersive and empathetic environments may be more critical than is generally realised.

Sheringham Station

Look at the really clever Onboarding symbolism here…. empty train, ladies in a waiting room hoping for proper recognition, obsolete infrastructures etc etc.  

The Emotional Chain

Emotional Impulse – Emotionally Adapted Environments – Buying Impulse – Customer Onboarding – Emotional Loyalty – Information Sharing – Customer Lifetime Strategy established

Report Abstract:   The concepts underpinning emotional retail or emotion based services are well understood and established (Dichter et al).  However, the translation of brand promise into a meaningful and memorable customer experience is seldom achieved in depth.  Indeed, whilst Customer Experience Management (CEM) is very commonly proposed as a business strategy it is rarely executed in an empirical sense and little attention is actually given to the sort of environments and emotional interactions that might induce a commercially beneficial reaction in customers.  Hewson proposes that it is becoming of paramount importance that the customer experience is actually enhanced in real terms.  In particular, the report argues that there is a critical emotional linkage between the desirability of goods and services and the environment they are purchased in and that this emotional linkage extends to the effectiveness of subsequent efforts to both understand the customer and to optimise customer lifetime value.  The report and research programme will seek to understand to what extent maintaining an emotional continuum is vital to executing brand promises and to supporting CRM intiatives.

Please download the Briefing Note on the Research and Report:

Customer Onboarding and Future of CRM 2014 Briefing v1.1