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Ordering the Hewson Group Personal Lubricant Report  ‘Intimate Moisturiser – Misunderstood and Undersold’

The Report and its associated research  is available on a subscription that lasts for one year.  It includes the following:

  • The main Women Lubricant/Moisturiser Report
  • An ongoing provision of Analyst Notes on specific issues that arise from time to time
  • Analysis and insight into the Hewson field research that is being conducted in the UK and internationally
  • 2 hours telephone access to a Hewson analyst

Who Should Buy this Report?

Major Beauty/Skincare Brands; High End Retailers; Drugstores; Lingerie Manufacture and Retail; Luxury Goods Brands; Health Trusts; Investment Banks; Marketing Agencies.

Intimate Moisturiser – Misunderstood and Undersold costs:

£2,700.00   for a single user licence

£3,700.00   for a site licence

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Intimate Moisturiser – Misunderstood and Undersold

Table of Contents

Part 1            The Editor

Part 2             Acknowledgements

Part 3             Why is Personal Lubricant Important?

Part 4             Introduction

Part 5             Sexual Research – An astonishing lack of reliable sources.

Part 6            Lubricant Market background

Market size

Product breakdown by Outlet UK

Part 7             Lubricant research to date

Part 8             Hewson Lubricant Pilot Study 2015-16

Part 9             Hewson Lubricant Main research 2017

Respondent Rating: Pleasure and Psychological Impact

Respondent Rating: Lubricant Influence on Frequency and Variety of sexual activity

Median Frequency of Sexual Activity by respondent age groups

Part 10           The Psychologies of Use and Acquisition

Perceived Arousal from being Wet

Perceived Arousal from Process of Application

Perceived Arousal from associated factors

Importance of Brand or Product

Part 11          Female Pragmatism

As a factor in market dynamics

As a factor in use of lubricant and other sexually related products

Part 12           Sexual Industry Trends 2107

 Part 13          Sex Toy Market: An essential Background Understanding

Part 14          Potential Impact of Beauty/Skincare Brands entering the market

Part 15          What will cause Major Brands or Retailers to enter the market?

Part 16          Older Women: Sexual Behaviours and Insights into wider consumer       issues

Annex 1         Analysis of Respondent data (updated from time to time)

Annex 2         Representative sample of Respondent Answer Sets (Updated)

Annex 3         Analyst Notes on Issues arising from the Research (Issued bi-weekly)