Hewson Group

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Hewson Group is a market analyst and client advisory company established in 1989 and widely regarded as one of the originators of the CRM (customer relationship management) application area that is now the biggest business application that has ever existed.  Hewson’s significant record in identifying new market areas and their likely development has continued with work about the female economy based on the research project Women Sex and Shopping which has featured in various media from the BBC to the Daily MailWall St Journal and Marie-Claire and Cosmopolitan.

In the last two years awareness of the potential for both the Women’s Health Market and for Women’s Sexual Wellness has increased markedly. FemTech is forecast to be worth $50bn by 2025 (Frost & Sullivan) and Sexual Wellness forecasts range from $39bn in 2024 to well over $100bn. The figures for sexual wellness, however important the market, bear little relationship to reality. The market potential is indeed very considerable but the infrastructure simply does not sustain the promise of such big revenues. The right brands and the right retail barely exist and research into female sexuality (and the effects of products) is notable for its absence.

The Personal Lubricant Report 2019 produced by Hewson Group is illustrative in many respects. Firstly, it is the only primary research into lubricant for a decade and that fact alone should give much pause for thought. Terms such as ‘Sexual Wellness’ not to mention revenue predictions are somewhat meaningless without genuine insight into the interplay between commercial product markets and female behavioural outcomes and needs. The Hewson research, although at an early stage, strongly indicates that lubricant is of far more importance than is commonly thought and currently achieves only a fraction of its potential. Knowing why is critical to any understanding of the Sexual Wellness market and how it should develop.

Women determine 70% of the World’s Consumer Spend: Boston Consulting Group
Women Sex and Shopping: Personal Lubricant 2019-20  is available now