Hewson Group

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Hewson Group is a market analyst and client advisory company established in 1989 and widely regarded as one of the originators of the CRM (customer relationship management) application area that is now the biggest business application that has ever existed.  Hewson’s significant record in identifying new market areas and their likely development has continued with work about the female economy based on the research project Women Sex and Shopping which has featured in various media from the BBC to the Daily MailWall St Journal and Marie-Claire and Cosmopolitan.

Issues relating to Gender equality and disparity in pay, influence and agency are very much in focus. Hewson believe that some of the biggest paradoxes are hidden in plain sight within commerce. Women are understood to be the most powerful consumers on the planet yet this is not necessarily reflected in retail attitudes or in the detail of goods and services. Hewson research in the last few years has shown how clearly this dissonance is to be found in matters relating to female sexuality and to how life changing products are under-marketed and misunderstood.

Women determine 70% of the World’s Consumer Spend: Boston Consulting Group


Women Sex and Shopping: Personal Lubricant 2019-20  is available now