Hewson Group

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Hewson Group is a market analyst and client advisory company established in 1989 and widely regarded as one of the originators of the CRM (customer relationship management) application area that is now the biggest business application that has ever existed.  Hewson’s significant record in identifying new market areas and their likely development has continued with work about the female economy based on the research project Women Sex and Shopping which has featured in various media from the BBC to the Wall St Journal and Marie-Claire and Cosmopolitan.

Women Sex and Shopping (WSS) looks at the global market in sexually related goods for women.  This is a massive and little understood consumer group comprising, in some way, the majority of women.  However, the lessons from WSS extend far beyond specific product markets and are compelling for almost all sectors -telling us a great deal about mis-marketing to women – particularly older women who, after all, are the most economically powerful consumers of all.